Dr. Parasu is the originator of Bio-Acu Medicine and formulator of Non-Material Science. He has established new theories of the Cosmos Theory, Srichakram theory, Bio-Energy Theory and the new view of Tio-origin Theory and Five Elements Theory. He has discovered six new laws and Principles on universal gravitation and motion, and also developed a number of simple and effective system of treatments.

The Bio-Acu Medical System is based on material and non-material Science. Our body has a network of energy System. It can be divided into three energy systems. They are:

1. Bio-Electrical energy which works on the physical plane.
2. Bio-Potential energy which works on the Vital plane
3. Bio-Magnetic energy which works on the Metal plane.

Our Books


1. Non-Material Science



2. Bio-Acu



3. Achuruthum Puviveppam


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  • Monday - Friday: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Address: Indo-Chinese Institute
  • of Acupuncture and Research Foundation,
  • Nellithope, Pondicherry

  • Chennai Address:
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