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Indo-Chinese Institute of Acupuncture and Research Foundation was founded in 2000 by Dr. Parasu. He started the training programs and clinical practice, incorporated into the traditional medical practice of south Indian.

Over the 14 years of research work on Acupuncture, Indian traditional, medical systems and the holistic heading in all over the world. Finally, he has formally a new form of medical system in the Name of Bio-Acu Medicine.

Dr. Parasu is the originator of Bio-Acu Medicine and formulator of Non-Material Science. He has established new theories of the Cosmos Theory, Srichakram theory, Bio-Energy Theory and the new view of Tio-origin Theory and Five Elements Theory. He has discovered six new laws and Principles on universal gravitation and motion, and also developed a number of simple and effective system of treatments.

He is the president of Indian Bio-Acu Medical Association (IBAMA) and Smile Life Movemenets (SLIM). He has written and released three books on 09.02.2014 in Puducherry by Honorable Chief Mininster Mr. N. Rangasamy and other dignitaries.

1. Non-Material Science (English)

2. Bio-Acu Medicine (English)

3. Achuruthum Puviveppam (Tamil)

Above the books explain the new theories, laws, principles and his discoveries. He has submitted a representation to the Honorable Minister of Science and Technology, Govt. of India for favor of approval of an evolution of new Science viz, "Non-Medical Science and its discoveries" vide letter dated 04.03.2015.

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