Bio-Acu Medicine

The Bio-Acu Medical System is based on material and non-material Science. Our body has a network of energy System. It can be divided into three energy systems. They are:

1. Bio-Electrical energy which works on the physical plane.

2. Bio-Potential energy which works on the Vital plane, and

3. Bio-Magnetic energy which works on the Metal plane.

Each energy system associate with the mind. The human life if based on the perfect association of body and mind. If the life should be in smooth, the Body and mind have perfect co-ordination. So, the perfect body and mind will give the perfect life. If the body suffers, it will affect the mental attitude. Reversely, affected mental attitude causes the physical illness. The life is depending functional integrity and interrelationship of both, by which the body energy system in regulated. It can be explained as below.

Bio-Electric Energy System (Physical Plane)

Bio-Electric Energy treatment is given by reading the pulse diagnosis and then by inserting hair-thin needles gently on the body surface. We know the electrical activity of the body by taking ECG and EEG reports. The needle treatment regulates and promotes the activities of muscles and joints by which the painful ailments and organ disorders are treated.

It clears and channelizes the obstruction and stagnation of blood and QI (Vital Energy) from the respective organs. And also it energies and strengths the Sufficient vital energy (QI) and blood of those respective organs. Thus is helps in curing the diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disorders, vascular disorders, nervous disorders body laziness etc.

Note: All acupuncture techniques in the global; they regulate the Bio-Electric Energy system in our body.

Bio-Potential Energy system (Vital plane)

This treatment is given by gentle pressure with hand after reading the pulse diagnosis. The ailments of muscles joints, tendons, rheumatism, blood related problems, hormones disorders and arthritis etc. can be effectively treated by this method. In nature, the energy reserve source is balanced and harmonized in the body by breath, exercises, happy emotions and work. In the illness, the maintenance of acid and base balance is very important factor for keeping the good health that is achieved by giving the treatment.

According to Bio-Acu Medical concept, if any gland or organ is not working properly the required Bio-Chemical will not be produced in proper quantity and the body will be in diseased condition. The treatment helps in producing the required Bio-chemicals (enzymes and hormones) in the body of the patient by activating various gland or organs. It is cursed the patient by giving the pressures at various points of the body.

Note: All pressure applications and massage techniques in the global, they regulate the Bio-Potential Energy System in our body. It has channelized energy system which is called as “Nadies” as well as the Chinese Acupuncture meridian system.

The most of pressure points locations and indications are differ than the Acu-pressure points.

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