What is non-Material Science?

The earth itself if a material reality which also consists of other material realities like rock, sand, water, trees etc. The earth is also has non-material reality viz. gravity, magnetism, cosmic energy particles, waves etc., they covering the earth internally and externally. They are non-material reality and neither matter nor material.

The present concept of science (Modern Science) deals with physical and chemical laws and principles (Physics & Chemistry etc.). These are called as Material Science. Whereas, the Biology and Astronomy are based on material and non-material science and they are like two sides of a coin. They are interdependent, interrelated and inseparable. The subtleties as one science cannot be understood completely, without the other. A man has an interlacing network of energy systems and some behavioral subtleties and also has the mind, spirit, emotions and a soul. They belong to Non-Material reality.

The modern science deals with only material reality of the above said sciences (Biology and Astronomy) and not considered the other part of its non-material reality as a science. The non-material reality has its own laws and principles. Even the behaviors of universe and its precise orders of arrangement are based on its own laws and principles. Whereas, the present science is not taking into consideration of the non-material reality, Consequent to this, we are unable to find the exact reason for various disorders like Global warning, increasing ratio of infertility , emerging of new diseases, destruction of various specious of living being, onset of sudden natural calamities etc.

Medically, the pathological factors of all fatal and chronic diseases are well known by modern science However, we are unable to find the etiological factors in most of diseases, as well as their cure. Instead, we are maintaining and taking care of the diseases, on the present state of knowledge with the help of modern science. The entire world is following and taking in serious researches only on the basis of Material Science, without considering the very much existence of the non-material science.

If the non-material science approach is in parallel to the materials science (Modern Science), we can build a “Healthy India” in future. The India can achieve the No.1 position in space research, Self-Satisfaction of power consumption and other needs. All the hurdles of our Nation will be cleared and helps us to achieve the “Top in the world nations.”

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